Green, Sustainable Roofing

CRW offers the ultimate in green, sustainable roofing with LiveRoof. LiveRoof is the first modular green roof system developed by growers and designed to grow plants on a rooftop environment.

LiveRoof offers improved livability with beautiful, natural views that expand the usefulness of buildings. Additionally, green roof vegetation cools the air, reduces noise and rain runoff, deters fire and extends the life of your roof.

CRW is a certified LiveRoof installer.

Better Technology

CRW is cutting-edge. From the materials and techniques we use, to the technology we’ve built to communicate with you throughout your project. Only CRW offers grid, an online tool that helps you track your roof’s condition including pictures of the status of your project.

LEED™ Certification

Your roof system may qualify for “green” roof credits. LEED certification is the standard for measuring building sustainability.

And CRW can help you improve your roof’s environmental impact. Simply put, LEED certification is good for business.